The Dianetics Extension Course is a home study that takes you step-by-step through the book Dianetics. By answering the questions, you gain assurance about Dianetics' processes and procedures to improve your own life and that of others. Each lesson teaches you more about Dianetics and what you can achieve by applying it. So many questions will be answered for you in the field of human behavior.
The Dianetics Extension Course is 20€ excluding the Dianetics book. You can send your questions by post or e-mail.

Dianetics thuiscursus

Dianetics extension course success story

I just finished the Dianetics extension course via e-mail. I'm very glad I did it. While doing the course, I started to understand why the people I know from work are sometimes upset or angry. It made me understand why they make it difficult and it has helped me not to get stressed when I am verbally attacked.” –  K.A.