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After 15 years of independent research into the mind, on May 9, 1950, the book "Dianetics: The Human Mind's Guidance" appeared instantly and became the most popular book in the field of mind. the mind that was ever spent. As the then nationally renowned columnist Walter Winchell predicted and wrote at the time:

“There is something new coming up in April called Dianetics,” wrote national columnist Walter Winchell on January 31,1950. “A new science which works with the invariablilty of physical science in the field of the human mind. From all indications, it will prove to be as revolutionary for humanity as the first caveman’s discovery and utilization of fire.”

Today, Dianetics has been translated into more than 60 languages and is used in more than 100 countries worldwide and has sold more than 26 million.

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What people have to say after reading Dianetics:

“Dianetics has taken me to a completely different level. I've always had the ability to be successful, but Dianetics has brought me to the point where I could really achieve something big, without any obstacles.”

John Travolta

“I have read hundreds of books of success and happiness and the most important book I read was Dianetics. It explained how to get rid of limited thinking, insecurities and destructive behaviors that hindered my potential. The Dianetics movie made it even clearer for me and very practical too.”

Grant Cardone
A CEO, entrepreneur, and International speaker

“I've always loved what I did and Dianetics allowed me to enjoy it even more. Knowing yourself and having faith in yourself and your decisions makes a world of difference. Dianetics made this possible for me.”

Erika Christensen
In Film and television actress