At the HUBBARD DIANETICS SEMINAR you will receive expert guidance from trained Dianetics specialists. Seminars are held every weekend with a program from morning to evening, on Saturday and Sunday.

The Dianetics 2-day seminar program in short:

Day 1:

When you arrive you will be registered and receive your seminar materials, including the book Dianetics which is also included in the price. The seminar leader will give you an overview of the weekend activity and program and then you will get started.

You will see the movie, How Dianetics Is Used, which explains every part of the exact Dianetics procedure to locate painful experiences and remove their negative effects.

Day 2:

The second day starts with a new movie to give you more information that will take you to the next step and increase your certainty of giving Dianetics to someone else.
You will continue all day with Dianetics, before and after lunch, with breaks in between. Whatever questions you may have during the day, they will be promptly addressed by our Dianetics specialists so that you get the most out of the seminar.

For over 50 years, Dianetics has been the bestseller on the human mind for one reason: IT WORKS!

Millions of people around the world have applied the Dianetics principles to improve their lives.
You can too!

  • Do you want more security in life?
  • Do you feel that there is more in you?
  • Do you occasionally feel stopped, but you don't know why?
  • Do you want to gain certainty about your own future?
  • And do you want to learn how you can help others achieve the same results?

You will meet people like you who are ready to address what is bothering them in life and learn how to apply the techniques of Dianetics.


Dianetics seminar success story:

“I have had experiences that made me perceive the world as very unsafe.
I went back to the very beginning. Have seen and felt where that unsafe feeling came from. Now I notice that I am slowly relaxing.

I've been sleeping very badly for years. So I'm curious to see how it goes tonight. A lot of pieces fall into place. I suddenly really get it Ooo… that's the way it is. Yes logical.

What I love most is that it becomes a memory. I can talk about it without any emotion or reaction. Also aware of what it did to me in the past. Totally awesome. I am happy and grateful!”

– H.H.

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