Dianetics weekend seminar

During this weekend you have the opportunity to tackle all kinds of problems in life. In 2 days you will get the tools to solve mental blocks, and this will give you a boost in life.

There are few people in the world who are not affected by mental barriers. A hypersensitivity to stimuli can get you more and more in trouble. It is as if all negativity takes over you like a dark shadow. But where do those negative reactions deep down come from?

Why do some fears, nervousness, or irrational thoughts come into play in your life? It is a Dianetics discovery that all of your painful experiences of past stored in a hitherto unknown part of your mind – the reactive mind.

It is the source of your tension, unreasonable fears, insecurities and negative reactions.

Do you experience fatigue, restlessness or perhaps physical complaints? Or do you want to help someone else with this? Then take part in the next Dianetics weekend seminar in which you will learn more about yourself, how you think and why you sometimes suffer from certain feelings. You will immediately start tackling these feelings with the techniques from this book.

Get started with yourself, do a seminar this weekend! 

6 & 7 JULI 2024
7 & 8 SEPTEMBER 2024
2 & 3 NOVEMBER 2024

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What can you expect?

An adventurous weekend in which you work on yourself together with others.

More energy back in life.

Suffer less from stress.

Removing inner blocks

Tackling the reactive mind, the hidden cause of your shadow side.

You recognize the source of unwanted emotions.

The Dianetics Weekend Seminar – Agenda:

Day 1:


When you arrive you will be registered and receive your seminar materials, including the book Dianetics which is also included in the price.

While enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea, you wait until the group is complete.


The seminar:

The seminar leader will give you an overview of the weekend activity and program and then you will get started.

You will see the movie, How Dianetics Is Used, which explains every part of the exact Dianetics procedure to locate painful experiences and remove their negative effects.

You will then pair up with another seminar participant and work with each other using the method you have just learned. This is done under the guidance of a trained Dianetics specialist. You will receive and give the learned method directly and alternately with other participants in order to process painful experience from the past.

When these painful experiences have been processed, you are stronger in your shoes, and you have more free attention, so that you are more connected with the here and now.

Day 2:

The second day starts with a new movie. You view it with the experience of day 1 and it gives you more information so that you become even more sure of being able to apply the Dianetics method.

You will continue to give and receive Dianetics throughout the day, before and after lunch, with breaks in between.

Whatever questions you may have during the day, they will be promptly addressed by our trained Dianetics specialists, so that you get the most out of the seminar.

Make sure that you have not planned any further activities in the evenings. You will need to have enough rest to receive the method. It's an intensive weekend and there must be room for a run if a couple is in the middle of something.

At the conclusion of the Seminar each participant will be awarded a certificate for completing this spectacular 2-day Dianetics seminar.

Dianetics seminar materialen

Dianetics seminar materials

An extensive seminar folder and the book Dianetics is included in the price for the Dianetics weekend seminar.

What participants are saying about the Dianetics weekend seminar:

“I coped with a birth trauma”

Dianetics Seminar

During the session I felt my right arm stiffen. I could remember the incident in detail in my youth. At the end the release came and the feeling in my arm was back to normal. Very special to experience what auditing does to you.

I guided the person I audited through 2 incidents where at the end of the release her headache disappeared. She has suffered from many migraine attacks throughout her life.

The 2th day of the Dianetics seminar was truly overwhelming! While on day 1 I only noticed a stiff arm during audition, a birth trauma occurred during the session on day 2. This gave a huge release.

This seminar is insanely good. I have to experience this to be able to judge the power of Dianetics. I will definitely apply this to my family.

P. D. 

“I feel lighter in my body”

As an Auditor, I found this a very special experience to be able to guide a fellow student through auditing and to help improve it.

During my own auditing session, many things became clear. I feel 'lighter' in my body and I am very happy to be a part of this. Dianetics really is for everyone!

Today it was very special to go through stored engrams. Situations and incidents came up that are a common thread in my life that I didn't know existed. Glad I gifted this to myself.

As an Auditor, we had great sessions and it is and remains special to be able to guide a PC on the road to more success.

P. B. 

“It is not difficult to audit”

I did not record anything related to a knee accident during my sessions and After the session I noticed that my knee was better.

As an auditor I've found that it is actually very easy, with the right technique, to get someone through something. I always thought that would be more difficult.


“I had an accident where a few ribs were broken, I still had a lot of pain in the form of pain when breathing. We went through that incident during the session. The amazing thing was that I was able to breathe freely immediately after the session without pain!


“I thought it was special to receive the auditing during the Seminar. Extraordinary how I could recall the events and also feel the feelings again.”


Registration and details:


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    More successes:

    “Since the Dianetics seminar, I have also gained a broader view”

    dianetics_seminar_succes2The seminar is a playful way to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. You get data that can be seen immediately in practice. In fact, it can even be applied in practice. That is an invaluable experience because you get a much broader view of life and people.

    I did the seminar because there was something going on at home that I wanted to tackle. Doing the seminar was a good move for a solution of the home situation and took the load off it. It was also my first time receiving auditing and I didn't know what to expect. That was different after doing the seminar!

    It has changed my perspective of who I am and certainly life itself, in a very positive sense that is! I see the problems that now come my way in a different way, so that I can tackle them much better. In the past, problems were obstacles that were too big and not easy to remove.

    After the seminar I went even further with the auditing and there is no longer any doubt for me. It functions. That fact, that confirmation, also thanks to the seminar, is great. What was also very nice and special is to audition someone else and you really get a special bond with that person.

    Since the Dianetics seminar, I have also gained a broader view of all the opportunities that are available to further develop myself. It was very good and pleasant to take a first step to become familiar with all the knowledge and processes that can be found there. That helps me not only in my daily life, but also with everything I want to do further. It has given me certainty, determination and familiarity.

    The seminar was a unique experience that everyone should have and not only want to know what Dianetics is, but also want to experience it.


    Sports injuries

    “I always drove cars, I grew up between cars. Until I had a serious car accident and then I was super nervous. Just get in a car and drive a little. Then after Dianetics… for me it brought the game back all the way and I can drive any car as fast as I want and I can do anything I want.” – Mike

    Loss of a loved one

    “I had just lost someone very dear to me. After a week of using Dianetics, I was able to smile again and I could smile again and I could look to the future instead of the past. And I'm young. And I should never have been this unhappy anyway, but hey life happens. And it's fantastic because I can live again." – Liza

    Overcoming sadness

    “My father passed away and I was completely through it. I didn't get through the day easily. I wasn't sure why this was hanging around for so long. After reading the Dianetics book I found out why it was. That really helped me through it. It's just a brand new day. I can go on living my life every day.” – Elena