Here are Dianetics successes: “I have learned more about myself and others from reading the book Dianetics than I have learned in the past 5 years while studying psychology.” R.P. (Student)  

“Dianetics gave me my life back!” J.P. (nutritionist)  

“The knowledge of Dianetics has really helped me with everything I've accomplished in my life now. It has increased my ability to set goals, take action on them and then achieve them. R.B. (Artist)  

“My nervousness has completely disappeared. I can now really enjoy life” C.L. (photographer)  

“Before Dianetics I was always a little angry in life but I didn't quite understand why. Now I have become a lot friendlier to others without really putting in the effort.” A.F. (Engineer)  

“Dianetics has changed my life. I know more what I do want and how. I have more potential now!” P.K.