How should I start Dianetics now?

Buy the book Dianetics, read it and start using the technology in this book. Seeing the DVD clarifies the book by giving examples from everyday life. It is recommended that you attend the Hubbard Dianetics seminar or the full How to use Dianetics kit (see products) if you are unable to attend.

You can also receive a free Dianetics counseling session and see Introduction films in one of the many Scientology churches and missions worldwide. In the Netherlands you can go to the Church of Scientology Amsterdam for this.

What does Dianetics actually mean?

Dianetics is an exact science of the mind based on 20 years of research. Dianetics comes from the Greek word dia "through", and nous, "soul". So it explains what the mind does to the person and where insecurities, irrational thoughts, attitudes and reactions come from. It also explains how the soul affects the body through the mind and why people get sick. Dianetics is not a personal story of someone like many other books but gives real answers to life's questions that humans have been occupied with for a long time.

How did L. Ron Hubbard ever get the idea to start Dianetics?

“I get asked questions like, 'How did you ever get the idea to start with Dianetics?'.
Well, I don't think there is much left. than the question that lives in the culture. Man has occupied himself with this perhaps for fifty thousand years: 'What is the secret of man? Why does man behave as he behaves?' These questions are found in the oldest literature we have.” L. Ron Hubbard

Is Dianetics the same as hypnosis or a form of psychology?

No, hypnosis is the exact opposite. Dianetics makes people “wake up”, makes them more aware of themselves and what is happening in their lives and that you can think and decide more for yourself. In Dianetics, you are completely aware of what happens when you undergo the method called auditing. Dianetics could also essentially get rid of any suggestions introduced by hypnosis.

Dianetics is very different from psychology and psychoanalysis. In psychoanalysis, the analyst will not accept what you say, but interpret it himself. They can evaluate you and tell you what they think your problem is and can't solve the underlying problem for you. With Dianetics, what you say will not be evaluated or misinterpreted by anyone else to show you are wrong. In addition, Dianetics has no comparison with psychology. Psychology is a study of observing stimulus to response and shows little improvement. Dianetics is also 100% drug free and the only system that actually solves the core of your problems.

Now what does it mean to be “Clear”?

The primary goal of Dianetics is to achieve the state of Clear, which means that a person is freed from their reactive mind. Simply put, he is then not driven by any kind of painful past experiences and can thus be himself.
Characteristics of a Clear are:

  • Has the experiences of his entire life and has all his inherent mental faculties and imagination at his disposal.
  • His vitality and health have clearly improved and all psychosomatic illnesses have disappeared and will not return.
  • He has a greater resistance to actual disease.
  • He can adapt to his environment and can change his environment.
  • He is not “adjusted”; he is dynamic.
  • His ethical and moral standards are high
  • His ability to pursue and experience pleasant things is great.
  • He has a more powerful personality and is creative and constructive.

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