Dianetics Movie: See How Your Mind Works

It may be clear that painful events from your past affect your present life – but to what extent and why?

That's what Dianetics is about.

The Blu-ray DVD How Dianetics Is Used accompanies the book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the most widely read, leading book on the human mind ever published written. These films are directly based on the book and show how negative events from your past cause your mind to cause strange behavior and thinking – without you realizing it is happening. In addition, these films provide insight into how exactly you can apply the Dianetics therapy, called auditing, to detect these events and erase their negative effect.

Dianetics gives you the opportunity to live optimally, confidently, rationally, actively and creatively. In other words, how to be yourself – free to enjoy life and realize your ideals. That is the purpose of Dianetics.

The Dianetics Blu-ray DVD package includes:

  • How to use Dianetics, a 90-minute movie to get you started using Dianetics right away.
  • Aspects of Auditing, 16 additional films demonstrating every aspect and technique of Dianetics auditing.
  • The Dianetics Basic Procedure Guide.