Below are two Dianetics seminar successes:

“Since the Dianetics seminar, I have also gained a broader view”

dianetics_seminar_succes2The seminar is a playful way to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. You get data that can be seen immediately in practice. In fact, it can even be applied in practice. That is an invaluable experience because you get a much broader view of life and people.

I did the seminar because there was something going on at home that I wanted to tackle. Doing the seminar was a good move for a solution of the home situation and took the load off it. It was also my first time receiving auditing and I didn't know what to expect. That was different after doing the seminar!

It has changed my perspective of who I am and certainly life itself, in a very positive sense that is! I see the problems that now come my way in a different way, so that I can tackle them much better. In the past, problems were obstacles that were too big and not easy to remove.

Na het seminar ben ik nog verder met de auditing gegaan en bestaat er voor mij geen twijfel meer. Het werkt. Dat gegeven, die bevestiging, ook dankzij het seminar, is geweldig. Wat ook erg leuk en speciaal was is om iemand anders te auditeren en je krijgt zo ook echt een speciale band met die persoon.

Since the Dianetics seminar, I have also gained a broader view of all the opportunities that are available to further develop myself. It was very good and pleasant to take a first step to become familiar with all the knowledge and processes that can be found there. That helps me not only in my daily life, but also with everything I want to do further. It has given me certainty, determination and familiarity.

Het seminar was een unieke ervaring die iedereen zou moeten hebben en niet alleen wilt weten wat Dianetics is, maar het ook wilt ervaren.

Nikki Jansen – photographer

“So I managed to achieve my goal”


Once I started reading Dianetics I just couldn't put it down. I was already convinced of its truth while reading the Introduction to Dianetics, just not yet convinced of myself. To clear up those make sure I could do it too, I signed up for the upcoming 2-day Dianetics Seminar.

It was two instructive days. It also felt so familiar, that auditing. It was really wonderful to audition someone. I was a good listener. Although there were sometimes those silences that I didn't know what to do with. But luckily we had a top auditor to guide us.

One thing became clear to me during this 2-day seminar and that was that I am made of the right stuff. Now, I'm even convinced that with the help of Dianetics Technology and a lot of effort, you can turn anyone into a top auditor.

So I managed to achieve my goal through this 2-day Dianetics Seminar. It's a really good and fun way to get a taste of what auditing is.

For this I would like to express my gratitude to the discoverer and to all others who made this possible.

Thanks !!!

I felt really great afterwards.

Jim Biswane – Engineer

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