Dianetics Professional Course Lectures (CDs containing 15 lectures, including transcripts)


After six months of traveling back and forth from coast to coast to lecture the early Dianeticists, L. Ron Hubbard gathered auditors in Los Angeles for a new Professional Course. The subject was his next major discovery about life – the  ARC Triangle, describing the interrelationship between  Affinity, Reality and Communication. Through a series of fifteen lectures, LRH announced many things for the first time, such as the  Spectrum of Logic, containing an infinity of gradients from right to wrong; ARC and the Dynamics; de Scales of ARC; the  Auditor's Code and how it relates to ARC and the  Accessibility Table which classifies a case and tells how to audit it. Here, then, is both the final statement on Book One Auditing Procedures, as well as the discovery upon which all research would develop.

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